A selection of what you can you find in Minshulls Farm Shop in Crewe is listed below but there are many other items in stock daily:-

Jams and Preserves – We stock nearly all of Mrs Darlington’s range. A Crewe based family run business which has been producing their unique range of high quality curds, jams, marmalades and chutneys for over 25 years. The range is delicious with a truly home made taste.

Cereals – Supplied by another local company. Mornflake, based on Gresty Crewe have a long history in the Area. For over 300 years they have been milling Oats in South Cheshire and produce the finest range of Oats cereal available today.

Fresh bread – from the local bakery on Underwood Lane is delivered DAILY. This bread tastes so fresh that it has to be tasted to be believed!.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables – Always a broad range in stock for you to browse. Seasonally home and locally grown produce available.

Cheese – We stock a broad range of Joseph Heler Cheeses. A company which has been winning awards for many years for its cheese-making. A family run business from Hatherton, Nantwich. The milk is collected from 130 local farms and delivered fresh every day. Another favourite in our shop is Colliers Welsh Mature Cheddar. A selection of other favourite Cheeses are always available.

Milk – sourced from Cloud View Farm in Congleton. Tastes how milk used to, with even the skimmed being full of flavour. The pasteurised milk with no additives comes from the cow, into the bottle and then delivered fresh to our shop.

Minshull’s Simply Home Cooked Food – A selection of home cooked freezer food such as a restaurant favourite Staffordshire Lobby, Ready to Bake Garlic Bread, Prepared Vegetables, Steak & Ale Casserole are available for you to purchase. Minshull’s legendary Scones, a selection of Quiches, Chicken Liver Pate or Coleslaw are also available to buy amongst other things.

Grant Butchers Crewe (formerly of West Street and Winsford Shopping Centre) has joined Minshull’s in their new Local Produce Shop.The proprietor John Major is from a 3rd generation farming family and he went into butchery at the age of 16. He went on to run his own business from the age of 28 to the present day. A master butcher for 23 years he has learnt all aspects of his trade from picking quality animals, to the production of Bacon, Roasting Joints, Sausage, and a wide range of Oven-Ready Casserole products. Minshulls are proud to have Grants butchers instore as our butchers in Crewe.